Documentary by James Cremin

My documentary about the writing class at the City of Hope in Duarte, California based off Julie Davey’s book Writing for Wellness: A Prescription for Healing.
What Does Courage Mean to You?
[10 Apr 2016 | No Comments | 18 views]

Cynthia is a member who now lives in California. This is her answer:
The lion in The Wizard of Oz comes to mind. He just wanted enough to be able to face his fears and help others.
I hadn’t realized it took courage to manage what life presented. However, after some thought and some sharing I realize it took courage to end a 30 year marriage, to be a single parent, to comfort a major movie star [ … ]

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Are You There Yet?
[19 Sep 2015 | No Comments | 157 views]

Occasionally some of our members have greater difficulty moving beyond their life-storm into healing and acceptance. At our latest meeting I asked for comments on their journey to healing and acceptance; were they close to reaching their goal?
This was Cynthia’s response:
The healing I have been chasing and hoping for does show up in bits and pieces, then new circumstances bring back the “old” issues. This demonstrates to me that the healing I thought had occurred had not yet graduated to [ … ]

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A Prompt Response
[5 Aug 2015 | No Comments | 282 views]

Mary is a survivor of three cancer operations and chemotherapy. She and and her husband had booked a trip to South Africa for next winter, but were considering backing out before it was too late.  The trip would be expensive, strenuous and scary, especially in light of mandated six month CT scans and a problematic mammogram.
Then Mary received the Home Prompt for our next meeting. It asked members to read an excerpt from Judy Rohm’s poem, “A Lesson”,  then comment on it.

  [ … ]

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How’s Your Aging Going?
[9 Jun 2015 | No Comments | 309 views]

That was the Home Prompt at our last meeting. Most of the responses were what you’d expect- a serious reflection on dealing with physical and emotional problems. Successes and failures, happy and sad, from abuse to cancer, from grief to acceptance of “what is”, the stories just poured out.
And then came Kathie’s poem. I wish you could have heard the laughing, laughing that increased with each succeeding stanza. Crying and laughing, sorrow and joy, a wondrous mix that helps our [ … ]

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Looking for  Prompts?
[10 May 2015 | No Comments | 357 views]

If your Writing for Wellness group is an ongoing one (ours is about five years old) coming up with fresh prompts can pose a problem. Newer members wouldn’t notice if some prompts are repeated, but I like to keep them shiny and new for those original members still with us.
One option is to draw from real life situations, either from the daily newspapers or from our members’ own lives (always with their permission). Seldom are these personal stories, when used [ … ]

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